The Re-Birth of a Mermaid

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As a life long allergy sufferer, Ive spent my entire life with a challenged immune system. My world became completely toxic, the food I was eating made me ill, the air I was breathing was contaminated, the mattress I slept on made me sick, there was no escape from the hundreds of chemicals that are on this planet, there was only one place left to go....into the water into the sea....where my body could heal and finally be free.

Since I have been in recovery for the last few years now, I have been working on strengthening my immune system. I knew my holistic medicine training would be what I needed to help me most. After all, this is why I got started into this practice in the first place.

Because the water element has been so important to me, I’ve decided to have fun with my healing, and so, a mermaid has been born. I have been very blessed to have lived by the ocean most my life and always used it as my medicine. I have noticed that every time I move away from her, my health would be compromised again. So yes, being a real mermaid is a childhood dream of mine, one that would be such a major part to my recovery. 

I’ve actually found a professional mermaid performer, MeduSirena, and am officially a Aquaticat in training. You can see her website here: . I actually bought my first mermaid tail before I even meeting her (not advisable!) as this tail turned out to be very heavy (30lbs!). Plus, it took 3 people to get me in it when we were in Greece. Thank god for good friends who support your hair brained ideas!Ali Valdez, Bunz Valdez, and my official agent, Madeleine Erhardt.

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Luckily, my swim teacher works with a lighter material, I now practice with a monofin. I love my practice monofin, it's much lighter than my tail, and I move fast like a dolphin...since I have less energy on land, the water element has been my cure. Yea, it was a challenge to travel to europe with such a heavy costume, not to mention expensive! But she was worth it. 

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Stay tuned for the video of one of my very first swims!oh boy!

Greece is Coming!

Greece is coming! I'm going back to my motherland country. This trip is so important to me as I am reconnecting to my ancestor’s roots. I am a full 100% Greek that is first generation born in the United States and yet I don’t feel a strong connection to my Greek family. My family ancestry lines go many generations back to many families of Greek descent. 

I’ve studied all yoga hindu and buddhist philosophy and traditions and this is an area is where I feel the need to strengthen. It’s been 10 years since I’ve visited my homeland country, I am excited to see where the rest of the journey will lead. Come join us on the next adventure!

Greek Yoga Retreat  -  Sattva Yoga  - October 7th to October 17th - with optional four night add on in Mykonos. We are combining archetypal explorations, myth and creativity along with support on any creative projects you might need. See Athens, Sounion, Delphi, the villages and beaches of Crete, Elounda spa and day trip to Santorini. See below for details!

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Sattva Yoga TT - Balance Yoga - Seattle

Seattle…Here I Come!!! May 2014 TT Weekends @ Balance yoga - Woodenville: 

May 9-11 
Part of  Sattva's 75 hour Yin/THA Advanced Teacher Training: Yin weekend  - $395 Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday(At least two to three hours of yoga per day)

May 16-18
200 hour TT - Alignments, Pregnancy, Organs, Endocrine System, Prop and wall Adjustments.

Just a few spots left for the upcoming Spring 2014 Vinyasa TT 200 hours. Join us and our staff of senior yogis, anatomists, philosophers, doctors and acupuncturist.

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Learn more about the static passive practice of popular Yin yoga and its more advanced THA system. Studies include full range Yin/THA movements, all about the connective and muscular systems, and full spectrum of yogic and TCM energy systems. 60 Hours + 15 hours practicum: Continued Education or 75 hours towards module III of the Five Hundred Hour Advanced Studies. Led by Ali Valdez (E-RYT500)

April 25, 26, 27 & May 9,10,11, 23, 24, 25. 

Friday evenings 5:30-9:30pm; Saturday & Sundays 9:30am to 4:30pm. Manual, study guide and self testing included in program. $1,188 upon enrollment into the Sattva Yoga 500 Hour Sattva Yoga - Teacher Training

Machu Picchu

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What can I say about Peru? Besides it being life changing and amazing all rolled into one. I came to Peru in physical pain from my ovaries, I left my pain deep in the mountains and asked PACHA MAMA to heal me....Not only did I climb Machu Picchu, also the even bigger brother wynapicchu, it took 2 hours and we had to use our bare hands to climb up the small stone stairs!!! But the view...AMAZING...and me…HEALED!

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The shamen energy is so strong here in Peru, not only were they healers, but artists, story tellers, musicians and such. We were initiated into this healing art form. This goes back to my theory of artists and healers as being one. We are all one.

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One of the the most important lessons I learned was to lean on my community for support as my most amazing yoga group pulled together and were able to take care of one another as we embarked on this adventure. We all bonded quite beautifully and I consider these yogis to be in a special place in my heart. 

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Am still buzzing from this one, and am looking forward to what the next adventure will be……

Yoga Doctors in Miami @305 Yoga

I will be teaching here at 305 Yoga in Miami for Yoga Doctors Professional Yoga Therapy training kickstarting in March 2013. Hurry to sign up and save!

Limited time offer through February 4! Save $900 each when you and a friend register for Yoga Doctors Yoga Therapy training! To Learn more visit — at 305 YOGA.

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Yoga Doctors

Back to the West Coast to teach with the YOGA DOCTORS @ LMU in Los Angeles,California. The program curriculum was a beginning introductory to Pre-natal Yoga and Kids Yoga. Teachers learn the basics for adapting their classes to Pre-natal students as well as tips for teaching children yoga. 

La Article

NSEV Extrodinary Vessel Acupuncture Training - 2012

Extraordinary Vessels Clinical Training was developed and designed for all professionals currently practicing acupuncture. This intensive will allow trainees an accelerated and intensive course for the successful integration of this extraordinary vessel model into their professional practice.


Sattva Yoga TT - Andrey Lappa Intensive

Andrey Lappa travels to Seattle to teach with Ali Valdez of Sattva Yoga. TT also for Hot Hatha continues at Mill Creek Hot Yoga.  Master Teacher Series: Andrey Lappa Wednesday September 26th-September 30th, Seattle, WA. What a great birthday present to me.

After traveling for sometime on the west coast, I arrived in Seattle with adrenal fatigue, a nasty cold, and zero energy. Luckily, I landed in the Olympic mountains just in time to heal my body, mind, and spirit. Life has been moving pretty fast for me the last few years and I don't think that it is going to slow down anytime soon. Through all the challenges, my yoga practice has been there for me. Now, at this juncture in my life, I have been inspired and am more dedicated than ever to commit to my internal yoga practices. It's been a long journey of many lessons, I can only be grateful for all the experiences and lessons for they make me person that I am today. 

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What an intense 5 days with Andrey and 60 others in Seattle. We worked very hard to learn and train in Universal Yoga series and with intense internal yoga practices. I can definitely say I will never be the same after this one! I am motivated and dedicated once again to my practices on all levels. I also support and dedicate myself to in being a part of such amazing group of yogis who are helping to raise the standard to put out such high quality teachers. OM Shanti.

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Sattva Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training -Seattle!

Back to my second home of Seattle!

For those on the Westside of Washington state interested in TT, August sixteenth kicks of Vinyasa 200 Hour Teacher Training at Urban Oasis Yoga & Wellness off beautiful Lake Sammamish. This training will feature me, Liz Doyle Yoga, my teacher Andrey Lappa, founder of Universal Yoga, and Frances Rhodis. One week intensive followed by one weekend per month through February. More details at: for all the 411. For current teachers, master classes & Advanced teacher training weekend with Andrey Lappa is also available. See the website for details. 'Til then, Namaste!

Miami Weekend Workshop - May 2012


Miami sun, fun, and yoga in May!

"Holistic living and wellness from the inside out."